Last Update: August 2001
Courtesy West Coast Railway Association August 2001 Newsletter

Canadian Pacific has announced that Hudson steam locomotive #2816 is set to steam at last, and should be out and about during the week of August 6. As of late July, only superheater work and a few tweaks were remaining to be done, and the railway expects to exercise the locomotive starting August 6 between Pitt Meadows and Mission, BC. The operations will occur mid day (between the West Coast Express operating windows) and should be easy to catch. The loco may operate without her final boiler jacket, depending on the status of inspections and approvals. CPR is specifically asking that observers keep their distance from the tracks so that tests are not delayed. Do Not Trespass!

If all goes well, the locomotive will then be scheduled for a four day trip from Vancouver to Calgary, with plans to leave Vancouver on September 19 and arrive in Calgary September 23. Plans at this time are tentative, but overnights could be at North Bend, Kamloops and Revelstoke. Consist remains unknown, but CP is hoping to field a tuscan red train with exhibit cars and coaches (as well as a business car or two wed guess). 2816 would also have an auxiliary tender along, from a former Delaware & Hudson Challenger engine.)

CP 2816 rolled out of Montreal Locomotive Works in 1930 and earned its keep right until 1960, finishing in Montreal commuter service. Its extensive rebuild at the BC Rail shops in North Vancouver has seen just about everything redone, and has converted the loco from coal to oil burning. CPR will use 2816 as an ambassador for its outreach program throughout its system in years to come.

For those of you who are not up to speed on the saga of 2816, the original news release is below along with some photos of her in unpowered transit from Scranton, PA to North Vancouver, BC.

The Original BC Rail News Release on Hudson 2816
(Photos Below)

Canadian Pacific Railway #2816 Hudson steam locomotive arrived at the BC Rail Steam Shop September 30 at 5:50 PM for a detailed inspection which may result in complete restoration. It marked the end of a 19 day 3,276 mile journey from Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania to the steam shops at BC Rail in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

The 2816 is a Hudson class (4-6-4 wheel arrangement) similar to BC Rail's Royal Hudson #2860 but the 2816 is older, is not streamlined, and is a coal-burner.

The 2816 was built by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1930 and operated on Canadian Pacific mainline between Toronto and Quebec City until 1960. It was sold in 1964 to the Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania and recently repatriated to Canadian Pacific.

Not being operated for over 35 years, the locomotive required some running gear work before it could be moved. The front (pony) truck was rebuilt by the BC Rail Steam Shop and the main rods were removed for the trip out West. Al Broadfoot, BC Rail's lead hand at the Steam Shop assisted in preparing the locomotive for the movement from Scranton, and accompanied the locomotive on the trip. An important innovation developed by Al Broadfoot for the journey was the precision counterweights required for the drive wheels to be balanced for the track speed movement. The 2816 left Scranton on September 12th, pulled by three diesel locomotives and accompanied by a parts/tools boxcar, and two business cars for the crews. The trip was generally uneventful with typical 40 mph track speed and no delay to revenue trains on CPR. Also on board were BC Rail's Trainmaster/Road Foremen John Wetzel and Devon Generous, along with CP staff.

Canadian Pacific has contracted BC Rail to perform the detailed inspection of the unit and a hydro-test of the boiler to determine whether it is serviceable. If the boiler is beyond repair, the 2816 will likely receive only a cosmetic restoration for static display at CP in Calgary. If the boiler is serviceable, the unit is expected to be restored to operating condition, including conversion from the current coal to fuel oil operation. The restoration is expected to be done at BC Rail's Steam Shop, and if made operational, the unit will be used by Canadian Pacific for special occasions, complementing their private cars.

The inspection of the 2816 is planned to commence by the end of October and restoration is scheduled for 1999.

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